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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Nature delivered true masterpieces when she created juicy and delectable apples and berries, but Simply Chocolate is pleased to improve on perfection with a variety of chocolate covered fruit for your consideration. Whether you opt for crisp and crunchy chocolate apples or sweetly enticing chocolate covered strawberries, you'll find the perfect pairing of fruit and chocolate to please your own palette or dazzle your dear one.

The bright zing of strawberries is enough to get your taste buds humming, but when you add the sweet appeal of white, milk, or dark chocolate, you're sure to send your senses into overdrive. Biting through the crunchy chocolate shell and sinking your teeth into the soft strawberry center is enough to make your toes curl.

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Tart cherries are practically begging for the flavorful upgrade provided by a decadent chocolate shell, and the rich and refreshing result is a treat you're sure to want to share with your sweetheart. Let the chocolate melt slowly for a taste sensation that lingers long after you pop it in your mouth or bite in for a burst of fruity flavor right off the bat.