Chocolate Bars
& Squares

Send a sweet selection of chocolate bars and squares in white, milk and dark including everything from pure chocolate, to bars with nuts, dried fruits and more. 
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White Chocolate Bars

For the purists in your life, there are few better gifts than solid chocolate bars or bite-sized chocolate squares. With options for white, milk, and dark chocolate decadence, there's no need to mess with perfection. Of course, there are definitely people who love the added zest of fruit or the pleasing crunch of nuts, and Simply Chocolate has options to accommodate every chocolate craving.

Anyone who has an insatiable sweet tooth will love the pure taste jubilation of white chocolate bars and the single-bite simplicity of white chocolate squares. When nothing will do but a creamy delight that delivers a whopping dose of sweetness, reach for the white chocolate offerings from Simply Chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Bars

This classic of confectionary excellence is hard to beat, thanks to the rich and creamy pairing of sugar and cocoa. Whether you like your sweets studded with flavorful fruit and salty nuts or you prefer the minimalist approach, you can find the perfect milk chocolate delights from Simply Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Bars

If you're seeking chocolate so sinfully delicious that you have to close the blinds and eat it by candlelight, look no further than the array of dark chocolate bars and squares offered by Simply Chocolate.