Wine and Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolate & Wine

Chocolates paired with a delicious wine

are a perfect indulgent combination.
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Wine & Chocolate Gift Baskets

Wine and chocolate are two sweet treats that together make for one truly opulent and memorable gift. You know you can pair fruit and chocolate, so it's no stretch to take this tasty twosome to the next level by adding a bottle of sweet and spicy wine to the mix. Even better, Simply Chocolate delivers the all-in-one appeal of a fetching presentation thanks to wine and chocolate gift baskets meant to offer instant delight. One look is all it takes for recipients to fall in love, and when they sample mouthwatering chocolates or truffles paired with a full bodied, tongue-tingling vino, their hearts are sure to melt.

Tins of Chocolates

The best part is that you don't have to tax a sommelier at your local wine store to figure out how to pair this tricky liquor with delectable chocolate treats. The leg work has been done for you, so all you have to do is choose from the wine and chocolate gift bundles already available. With speedy delivery options, this glorious gift could be in the hands of your honey in no time at all.